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Child Counseling and

Parent coaching

"Your greatest accomplishment may not be something you do, but someone you raise." Andy Stanley


Raising kids is not easy and sometimes we get stuck and need some new tools and fresh insight to handle our children's mood and behavior issues and our own triggers and behaviors towards them.


Additionally, being a kid today is tough. There is a lot of pressure to look, act and be a certain way that leaves many kids filled with low self-esteem and feeling unvalued and unworthy. This tends to result in anxiety, depression or just a lack of motivation or understanding for how extraordinary their lives truly are.

At Renewed You Counseling Services, LLC, we work with kids 6 years old and up.  We love working with kids and adolescents and get excited when parents call looking for parental guidance for themselves and help and healing for their child.  To us, the adolescent time period is the very best time to begin counseling. Counseling is such a gift to give our children because the skills learned can last a lifetime. Whats more, counseling at a young age can positively influence all the future generations in your family line to come!  


It is a passion of ours to provide kids with a new, healthy way of thinking through the problems that inevitably happen in their lives so that early on they can learn resilience and easily look for the meaning and purpose from any pain they experience. As a result, instead of learning to become victims of life, they learn to find and appreciate the growth and strength they gained through the challenge and become victors instead and reach what we like to call the "okie doke" life.

While we work with kids to heal and transform their pain, We also work closely with their parents to help support and encourage them to transform their own story of challenge and pain into purpose.  As a result,  parents become the light that their kids need guiding them thorough the dark tunnels of life by demonstrating healthy boundaries and resilience. To us, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing this transformation take place in family's that may have had generations before them struggle with dysfunctional thinking and behavior. To us, these parents are superheroes because they truly begin to change the world for the better by taking the first step into seeking guidance.

Ok Mom's and Dad's, are you ready to change the world?  Click below to set up an appointment and see how we can help you on your and your kids journey to a Renewed You.


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